13.50 USD

NOVA (30% OFF)

The Nova rank offers a lot of cool perks and features exclusive to the nova rank and above across all of our minigames!


  • Custom Nova prefix next to your username on our minecraft server.
  • Access to exclusive Donor Discord Chat


  • All perks from Premium+
  • Ability to vote for Chest types.
  • Exclusive Glass Colors and Trails
  • Exclusive Kits
  • 6 party slots. 
  • Access to a Donor Room at spawn.
  • Ability to change the color of your prefix in a custom GUI.
  • Ability to change your suffix tag (COMING SOON)

Please note:

More minigames are to come in the near future. Buying the rank now will give you access to the Nova Rank features on other future minigames and gamemodes!