Welcome to the TotallyCraft Online Store!

On this store, you can purchase one of our many ranks to receive cool perks and features on our Minecraft server!

We are a brand new Minecraft SkyWars Server that is running on PaperSpigot 1.15.2. We provide a wide variety of activities to do while on our server, such as mystery boxes, cosmetics, ranks, and weekly events for our members! We use a premium SkyWars plugin that is customized to TotallyCraft. We offer solo and team matches, with custom modes in-game. We use coins as our main currency. With coins, you can purchase a wide array of items, such as mystery boxes, cosmetics, and much more!
We have three available ranks on our server, Premium ($7.50), Premium+ ($10.00), and Nova ($20.00), each has its own unique characteristics and perks.

Before purchasing a rank on TotallyCraft, please read over our Terms and Conditions.